Why is soundproofing important when floating?

Have you ever tried to sleep while someone in your neighbourhood is having a loud  party? It is very annoying, right? Well the same happens when you go floating because your senses are so much more heightened.

When you are in a very quiet room, any external sound can be distracting – whether that be the sound of talking next door, footsteps, cars driving by or doors shutting. Our brains have become conditioned to be busy, all the time, and we have learned to “shut out” the noise when, in fact, we have simply stopped consciously listening. We may think that we have blocked out the noise but subconsciously, our brans are still actively processing these exteroceptive inputs and further expending energy to “block out” the noise. In this environment you are not giving your brain the full potential of increasing your interoceptive ability because it is also busy processing exteroceptive noise. I other articles I have talked in depth on the importance of interoceptive ability as it relates to treating various disorders.

Our Hamilton Float Clinic was built using recording studio level soundproofing. There are 4 elements of soundproofing and we strategically designed and implemented all 4 (Give me a shout if you’d like to learn about this more):

  1. Decoupling
  2. Absorption (insulation)
  3. Mass
  4. Damping

You can rest assured that the only sound your brain will be processing will be the sound of your internal workings (active interoception). Increased interoception is not only linked to treating a large number of  disorders but also helps creativity, decision making, visualisation and mindfulness.

Our Rooms

We set out to build our clinic to the highest standards of clinical floatation therapy. 

With this in mind we have have purpose built each room to the highest standard of soundproofing, air and temperature quality and light options


We have installed a high end Heat Recovery and Ventilation system with full zonal control for each float room so you won’t feel cold or stuffy. In fact, you should not “feel” anything during your float at all. One less external input that your brain has to process…

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