There has been a lot of study into the effects of how active interoception increases our ability to take stock of how we’re doing. Research has shown that an increase in interoception can lead to higher levels of resilience and abilities to cope with stress as well as many other disorders (anxiety, addictions, insomnia, autism etc.). The problem is, we don’t take enough time to slow down and “listen” to how we’re actually doing inside.

When we float and experience feeling too cold or too hot, our brain is distracted from its active interoceptive potential and we have added an unnecessary input for our brain to process – not only are we distracted, we are also uncomfortable. A well thought out clinical float environment takes airflow and temperature into account when setting up the premises.

It is really important that you choose a float clinic that has intentionally designed an environment where your exteroception is minimised to enhance interoception. Are the rooms soundproof? Is there light coming through the ceiling or doors? Do you feel the water’s temperature? These are good question to know whether you are giving your brain the optimal environment to take your mind into an enhanced interoceptive state. If you are distracted by feeling hot, cold, stuffy (too much humidity – not enough fresh airflow) there’s a strong chance that you won’t receive the many benefits that come with increased interoception.

When building our Hamilton float clinic, we made sure that we do not cut corners on temperature and humidity control and have installed an individual zone controlled integrated heat recovery and ventilation system that keeps humidity, airflow and temperature at an optimal level – one less thing that your brain needs to process.

Our Rooms

We set out to build our clinic to the highest standards of clinical floatation therapy. 

With this in mind we have have purpose built each room to the highest standard of soundproofing, air and temperature quality and light options


Serenity Float Clinic has used the same level of soundproofing as high end music recording studios. This gives you the optimal external noise reduced environment so that your brain can focus on an increased active interoception. From decoupled walls and ceilings, acoustic foam …

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Our float and massage clinic has been purposely designed to help people with stress, anxiety, pain, sleep and enhancing their creative and physical potential.

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