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A Journey to Ecstasis feat. Alive Metal Handpan

Sunday, 03 July, 2022 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Location:Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton MAP

This will be one of our more “out there” wellness workshops at Serenity and we totally get that not everyone would be open for this kind of an event… but, for the 25 people who do decide on coming, our hope is that this event transforms you just a little bit (or a LOT). Ecstasis is one of those remarkable states that can really help us transcend, gain insight and transform our lives. There have been many ways to get into a state of ecstasis over the centuries and during this event we will be employing the “technologies” of laughter, awareness, surrender, sound and movement. Thank you for trusting us to guide you through this journey.

When: Sunday, July 3rd 1pm to 5ish
Cost: $79 per person:

Laughter Yoga by Chewy

Awareness Workshop by by Inakshie and Charl

Biochemistry To Support Bliss Workshop by Kate Hanifan

Sound Journey by Alive Metal Handpan

Embodied Movement and Flow by Cassandra Wallis and DJ Charoha

Where: Villa Dental (upstairs), 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton MAP

Laughter Yoga

Laughter is such great medicine and when it comes to getting a crowd to laugh, Chewy is a master.

Laughter yoga uses a combination of guided laughter exercises, deep breathing, gentle stretches, and relaxation to bring more fun, good health and wellbeing into our lives.
Laughter yoga reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. It also improves immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and lymphatic functioning.
The session encourages laughter for no reason (fake it till you make it), eye contact and lots of silliness resulting in a playful experience which opens up the heart and soul.
Guaranteed fun!
Chewy has been running laughter yoga sessions for over 6 years now at places like Splore, Prana, Voices of Sacred Earth Festival and laughter clubs.

Sound Journey with Alive Metal Handpan Duo

Alive Metal Handpan is a duo consisting of Chewy Wilson and Martha Slimm, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Both originally from the UK, the dynamic pair deepen their connection through their shared passion for this percussive, ambient instrument. Intertwining masculine and feminine energies, Chewy and Martha weave their music through rhythm and melody to create soundscapes.
Allow yourself to drift towards the soft, gentle and sometimes energetic sounds of this unique instrument.

Alive Metal has performed at many festivals including Splore, Earthbeat, Voices of a Sacred Earth, New Zealand Yoga Festival, Kiwiburn, Shipwrecked and Okura Forest Bush Festival. They have also played for weddings, ceremonies and art installations.

Workshop: Biochemistry To Support Bliss

Kate Hanifan Holistic Optometrist BOptom MCOptom

About Kate: I am passionate about holistic health. As is often the case, I really did not know much about wellness maintenance until I was disabled by disease. When my medical team did not have much to offer me I began a fascinating journey through the science of epigenetics, bio hacking, lifestyle medicine, and nutrition.

I am so fortunate that I have 30 years experience in the field of optometry spanning four countries five hospitals and two degrees! The eye is actually brain tissue and I have been able to apply my knowledge to help clients within the field of brain health optimisation (and hence health optimisation as you cannot separate the brain and the body!)

Movement and Flow

Cassandra Wallis and DJ Charoha

Everybody moves and we all have a certain rhythm in that movement. The aim of this workshop is to help us become aware of our bodies as it relates to how we move and express ourselves. We’ll be joined by the kind spirited Cassandra Wallis and DJ Charoha.
Movement and dance has been a constant throughout Cassandra’s life; training from an early age and going on to dancing professionally around the world. While she enjoys choreographing for advanced dancers she has another great joy in exploring natural movement and voice with self-professed non-creatives. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to find joy in movement. Life really does gets more delightful once you start dancing through your days. Movement enables deep work around self limiting beliefs and insecurities to free us up and become more resilient.  

Embody Love

Sunday, 13 February, 2022 6:00pm

Free Entry for Monthly Members 

Location: Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton MAP

Embody Love, A Valentine Intention

To embody is to give form to that which is not tangible. To feel alive is to have greater meaning and purpose.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Serenity Float and Sophro Solace invite you to set your greater purpose and Embody Love. An evening to enjoy dynamic relaxation with whānau and friends.

In Sophrology meditation is referred to as dynamic relaxation. Dynamic because each session includes balanced breathing, gentle movement, and creative visioning. Sophrology dynamic relaxation is practised in positions we use in daily living – standing, sitting, walking, and laying down. The reason for this is to generate pathways in the brain that are easily accessed in times of stress and anxiety.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day you’ll be introduced to the three key techniques of Sophrology and enjoy an opportunity to embody love.

Come along and set your intention to embody love this Valentine’s Day.

SOLD OUT Sunday, 1 August 2021, 6:00pm 

Location: Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton MAP

Join us as we facilitate a live guided music therapy session. Bring a pillow, yoga mat and journal and prepare to disconnect from a busy mind.

Jodi and Charl Eksteen have over 15 years’ experience of providing atmospheric music therapy journeys inspired to practice Presence.

We invite you to come, quiet your mind and kindly observe your stories, extracting the precious from the worthless as you continue to grow in understanding you and practice radical self acceptance. You ARE worthy.

SOLD OUT Sunday, 1 August 2021, 6:00pm 

Location: Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton MAP


Location: Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton

30 May 2021, 6:15pm 

Location: Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton MAP

Come join us as we facilitate a workshop focused around resilience, breath work and a live guided music therapy session. This workshop is specifically designed for people wanting to:

– Learn some skills to help manage stress, anxiety, sleep and pain
– Grow their resilience toolkit
– Learn more about different breath techniques
– Use biofeedback technology to enhance breathing practice

We will end our workshop with live guided music therapy to practice so bring a pillow, yoga mat and journal

30 May 2021, 6:15pm 

Location: Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton MAP


Location: Villa Dental, 697C Wairere Drive, Hamilton