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Welcome to Serenity Float Clinic in Hamilton

Our float and massage clinic has been purpose designed to help people with stress, anxiety, pain, sleep and enhancing their creative and physical potential. 

“Floating is quite possibly the most relaxing thing you have ever done.”

What Is Floating?

Understand the clinical neuroscience behind it

First time?

Floating is very relaxing. If you haven’t floated before, here is what you can expect when you come to Serenity Float and Massage Clinic. You will be completely weightless…

Our Rooms

We have the largest float tanks in New Zealand so you won’t feel claustrophobic. We have three completely different float rooms, a massage room and a post float lounge. 

Benefits of Floating

The effects of floating have been studied in laboratory settings since the first isolation chamber, providing a fair amount of scientific data on the practice.

I discovered the pleasure and benefits of Floating about 3 years ago. Initially this felt like a personal indulgence and escape — sometimes it still is! — but it has now become an integral part of my overall well-being and self-care. …and I no longer have to travel to find a float centre! Serenity is on my doorstep now.. thank you!
My work as a busy GP sometimes finds me stressed and restless. Floating brings physical and mental stillness, a time without external interruptions or stimuli, a time for reflection, recovery and simply being.
Serenity has seen me at various times .. early, late or in the middle of the afternoon. All perfect times for re-energising, preparing for a good night’s sleep .. and recently aiding in recovery and rehab from a lower back injury..
From the calmness of the reception area, the respectful and caring welcome, the immaculate Float rooms and tanks to the comfortable stillness of the post-float Selah room, Serenity Float deserves high praise. What a special place to retreat from our constant exposure to noise, activity, deadlines, computer screens, cell phones and sensory overload!
The benefits of REST (Restricted Environmental Stimululation Therapy) is now well-documented and researched … starting as far back as the 1950’s … and the research and evidence of the benefits of flotation therapy continues.

Dr. Jenny Letts GP

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We are also honoured to be featured as one of the top reviewed businesses for massage in Top Reviews NZ. To see our listing, visit: https://www.topreviews.co.nz/best-massage-hamilton/#3_Serenity_Float_Clinic