An Optimal Environment for Float Therapy

We set out to build our clinic to the highest standards of clinical floatation therapy. Floating can have some profound clinical benefts when interoceptive ability is enhanced. With this in mind we have have purpose built each room to the highest standard of soundproofing, air and temperature quality and light options (from zero light to light colour therapy). While light colour therapy and music during your float is optional, you can also choose to be in a complete exteroceptive sensory deprivation environment where your interoception is heightened.


Serenity Float Clinic has used the same level of soundproofing as high end music recording studios. This gives you the optimal external noise reduced environment so that your brain can focus on an increased active interoception. From decoupled walls and ceilings, acoustic foam …


 We have installed a high end Heat Recovery and Ventilation system with full zonal control for each float room so you won’t feel cold or stuffy. In fact, you should not “feel” anything during your float at all. One less external input that your brain has to process…



You control the light! If you want the lights on, you turn them on.

If you want colour therapy we’ll set that up for you and if you want the true float environment with increased interocetion option where your mind does not process any light at all, you can simply push the light button and float away…

Floataround Room

Our Floataround room has our second largest tank. This tank runs a slight bit cooler than the other two and is perfect for someone who usually runs hot. Often dubed the “Rolls Royce” regarding float tanks, his is the same float tank that is used by Dr. Justin Feinstein, the foremost leader in clinical float therapy research and curator of https://www.clinicalfloat.org/ You can enjoy couples float or single person floats in this spacious room

Post Float Lounge

We have purposely built the post float lounge with a couple of things in mind: A space to enjoy your post-float-glow in privacy or community. You can journal, manaakitnaga, purchse some locally Hamilton brewed kombucha and CoAqua coconut water. We are also a very short walk (2 minutes 30 seconds to be precise) to the international award winning Hamilton Gardens via the Cobham Drive underpass walkway – beauty is nature’s invisible embrace and the Hamilton Gardens is a great expression of this.

XL Cabin Room

This is our largest tank and the best option for those who may suffer from claustrophobia or want the extra space. It is also the best tank for Couples Floats. People often prefer to float in two’s; whether that be a mother and her daughter, a caregiver and their client or a couple. The Cabin For Two is big enough for two people. We have also recently added a Matariki starlight constellation into the Cabin which can be switched off or on.

Tranquility Room

This is Charl’s go-to tank and he flew to America to try all the tanks in our industry to bring back his favourite tank. Most float tanks in New Zealand are pods but this pod is on another level. Dubbed “the most beautiful float pod in the world”, our Tranquility Pod from Floataway UK, features the following:

  1. Colour Therapy
  2. Setting the door from fully open, partially open and fully closed
  3. UV filter
  4. Silent heating panels
  5. Continuous heating, digitally thermostatically controlled to skin temperature.
  6. Full airflow design ventilation, draft free.
  7. Easy open door, motorised with control button inside and outside.
  8. All internal controls are air coupled giving absolute electrical safety, exceeding all requirements.