Serenity Float and Massage Team

15 June 2019

Pregnancy Float and Massage Packages On Sale Now

Pregnancy is a special time for the expectant mother but that does not mean it is without its challenges and discomforts.  During pregnancy, a woman’s body is under additional stress, with added pressure on her pelvis and joints from the extra weight of the baby. She also has strain on her back from being front heavy. Here are four main benefits that floating provides during Pregnancy:

Pain Relief

Because of the total weightlessness during floating there is no pressure on any of the joints or muscles of the body and the muscles and joints are not straining against gravity. All parts of the body are independently supported and weight is evenly distributed because of the high concentration of Epsom salts in the water.  This allows the body to relax more than in any other environment. Pain is instantly alleviated providing increased relaxation and comfort.


Stress Relief

This is crucial for pregnant mothers as high levels of stress can have a negative effect on the baby. Your baby’s development in the womb is one of the most important phases of growth and your ability to interrupt stress and anxiety can play a significant part to your child’s overall health.



Floating has been shown to improve sleep and help with insomnia. Sleep is a core foundational health marker, especially when pregnant and the more time spent in a full range of sleep states, especially REM sleep, the more you give your brain and body time to recover, reorganise memories and boost creative flow.


The Mirror Effect

Floating while your baby floats in your womb is known as the mirror effect. Many women find this to be an incredible bonding experience with their unborn child and report an enhanced feeling of their babies movements, an increased awareness of the baby and an emotional connection. Some mamas can even hear their babies’ heartbeat in the float tank. This is also an amazing opportunity to set some intention towards your child such as aroha, kindness, gratitude etc.


At Serenity Float Clinic we advise checking with your doctor before floating while pregnant and only floating from weeks 12 -37. We will endeavour to make your float experience transforming and to give you the best chance to experience weightlessness and to connect with your baby and ultimately yourself.

Some mamas can even hear their babies’ heartbeat in the float tank.