Wellness Coaching

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell 


Serenity Body-Mind Awareness & Stress Programme

Serenity Body-Mind Awareness & Stress Programme

This carefully guided float experience will create a safe space to allow you to reconnect with yourself, to quietly observe, practice being present and learn to build,  deepen and anchor yourself in a state of self-awareness and engage in healing conversations with tailored support from one of our wellness facilitators focused around your goals.   

Begin to deepen your understanding of yourself and let it bring insight into the way stress may manifest for you and allow it to slowly find release:  

We will guide you through 3 float sessions focused around body, emotion and thought.

This programme will give you a chance to work alongside one of our wellness facilitators to:

  • Practice setting intentions that work 
  • Experience a guided float journey that creates a framework for self-exploration
  • Explore and deep dive into your inner landsacpe: body, emotion and thought
  • Grow and gain insight through tools that foster: awareness, observation, reflection & contemplation 
  • Begin to understand, find simple tools & practices that help you move through and navigate your inner terrain. 

Through this programme you will gain access to –

  • Our online learning platform 
  • Online community on Facebook
  • Ashwaganda & Acupressure Ring for de-stress 
  • IR & Ice Bath session 

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This first session includes a consultation about your current wellness practice, float induction and 60-70 minutes of pure floating bliss

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Serenity Resiliency Training Program

Serenity Resiliency Training Program

Have you ever wondered how you can be more resilient? Well, it’s time for you to find out how.

There are SIX sessions included within the course. They are designed to help you to develop your resilience and to manage stress.

Over the six sessions, we will cover:

  • Practical tips on having a resilient mindset
  • ‘In the moment’ strategies that can help you in a stressful situation
  • ‘Resilience habits’ that would be helpful to build into your life.
  • Sleep and morning routine strategies to take charge of your emotional wellbeing

6 Week Resiliency Training Program

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