$79 Introductory Massage


We’re excited to present a new offering for people who have not yet experienced a massage at Serenity. For only $79 schedule an introductory massage TODAY! This is an introductory 60 minute massage for new clients who have not received a massage from Serenity yet. You can choose either a relaxation, deep tissue remedial or sport massage. Our fully trained and qualified therapists will do an assessment of where you’re at and offer recommendations in line with your wellness goals.

First Time Here?

If this is your first massage at Serenity, you can schedule an introductory massage with one of our therapists on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The most exciting part: these are only $79 each instead of the regular $89. Schedule your massage today!

Relaxation Massage

Most Popular

Need to de-stress, relax and just unwind, this option is for you 

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have some knots, an injury or need some deep muscle work? We’ve got you covered

Sport Massage

Upcoming sport match, game or competition? Our Sport Massage therapist has worked on some of the best athletes 


The float & massage were exceptional and the whole team really focus on making sure you’re comfortable and looked after at all times. 
Would highly recommend to all our friends and family”


I am so thankful someone referred me to see Donna, she targeted all my areas of concern and really eased so much of my severe pain. I can go to bed headache free tonight for the first time in 2 weeks. I’m so grateful for her skill! I like and need a really firm massage and Donna delivers this


“Definitely loved my time there. Massage was amazing and totally recommending to everyone




Relax. Enjoy.

About Serenity Float Clinic

We are a Float and Massage Clinic in Hamilton East within a short walking distance to Hamilton Gardens. We offer a large range of massages services and all our therapists are fully trained and qualified. We also offer Floating. Floating has been shown to be an effective interruption for people suffering from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue and more. People also float for clarity, strategy, focus, recovery, jet lag and creativity. It has been around for over 50 years but has become very popular again due to the strong clinical research that has emerged through MRI and other diagnostic technologies.’

Monthly Membership

Pay only $79 per month and receive the following benefits:

  • 1 Single Float or Standard 60 Minute Massage Per Month in any room
  • Shareable – call us to arrange someone else
  • Only $69 for additional floats
  • Bring a first time friend for only $69*
  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment – (usually 6 months)

*Subject to availability

Come On In

Feel free to come for a tour of our space at 24 Grey Street in Hamilton East. 

Get In Touch

Feel free to call us at (07) 856-2227

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